Saturday, October 15, 2011

WOOOHOOO! we now have a small awning on the bus... mind you, I found myself rather short to help out without being on a step!!! I think it will do nicely don't you?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Its just around the corner so its time to get a halloween kit together and seeing as my friend, Flitters, made some posers I thought I would use one of hers.. to see the rest of the goodies she has made just go to her site and say hello, don't forget to thank her for all the good work she does for us :) Her site is here at Coppermoon
Now for the kit, its tagger sized and for personal use only... I hope you like it :)
You can get it  Here
It would be nice to hear from you if you have the time :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scrap for Charity

Hi there... I have a taggers sized scrap kit for charity all proceeds go to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) its a huge kit, nice and bright, one for the kids! and you can find it here at  Karen's Scraps and Graphics.
Karen is deeply involved with this charity and I wanted to help out and I will be adding to the charity kit section on my travels around Australia so if this one is not for you, keep checking back :) Here is the preview
This is no longer available at Karens Scrapes and Graphics.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bus

We're getting really excited now, the bus is looking more and more finnished and ready to go! We now have solar up on the roof also a folding solar panel for when we stay anywhere for any length of time.. give us plenty of power to fire up the laptops, tv or anything we fancy doing... altho I can see me trudging about the bush camera in hand for hours on end.. at least I'll be able to upload them to my hard drive when I want to :) I can also get stuck into scrapkits ready to upload here on my blog for you guys... how exciting eh :) Anyway here is an update on the photos for you to look at *grin*
As you can see we've added shelves, theres nothing like having extra space to put things :)
Here's a view as you come in
I've also put that non slip stuff everywhere!!! I really did not think I'd need as much of it but the more I get the more I find places for it to go!!!!! Hubby covered the stove top because we will be doing most of the cooking outside and the coffee maker has to go somewhere!!! I know..... I know.... a coffee maker???!!!???

Monday, September 19, 2011

Well thanyou ladies for your wonderful tags... all these tags have been made with my kits found here... Paula, the pink halloween is about 4 or 5 pages back I did that one for Halloween last year :) have fun with it !! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pink Halloween Kit Tag

A little something for you Persia, made using Emma`s Tutorial and your gorgeous kit

Hugs Jilly xxx


Monday, August 15, 2011


I see its just around the corner and thought why not make an early kit up for those who like to get thier tags ready.. so here it is nice and brightly colored ready for the holiday when the gouls come out to play and candy flows from door to door... its a tagger sized kit and for personal use only.. enjoy!!!
You can get it  Here

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bus Update

I thought it about time I posted some more bus photos.. it now has tinted window, curtains, the foam been covered altho we have taken some of it out now as hubby is busy putting in the electrics etc.. the carpets down tho and the fridge door has fixed... well.. here they are dont she look pretty? LOL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A suprise for Emma

Emma's off on a holiday and while she is away the meecies will play... and here is what this one did!!! HAHAHAHAHA yes, another tagger sized kit in a summer theme with lots of goodies to make many tags.. enjoy all *grin*
You can get it  Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

This is for Norma, she is member of the week at one of the groups I'm with and usually tags are made but I thought how about a kit named after someone.. I'm hoping she like angels as I used some of Flitters lovely posers again, I just fell in love with the colors. It a small tagger sized kit and another personal use one.. Have fun with it all *grin*
You can get it  Here

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Baby!

Everyone loves a new baby and our family is going to love another one in October! I'm going to be a nanna again!! wooohoooo!!!! another grand-daughter will be here soon and I just cant wait! So I put my rear into gear and put another kit together, this one is for Helen, my eldest who will soon hold her baby in her arms... hopefully to pass her along to me!!! hehehehehe... like I said... dont we all love a new baby!!!!
Here is the prview, its tagger sized and for personal use only.. I hope you like it :)
And you can get it  Here

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It was brought to my attention that Emma loves fairies so I opened up my programs and thought I would get some elements together for the planning stage of a new kit... well.. I did my normal thing and got carried away!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I was enjoying myself so much that I finnished the kit in no time.. well... here you go Emma my friend I really hope you like this one and have lots of fun using it! Thankyou for allowing me to use the posers for this kit I hope I've done them justice :)
You can download it  Here
Its a tagger size and for personal use only :)
Have fun!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my! thats a fantastic tag hon and I just adore it.. I'm sure there will be a few following that tut of yours for this tag... thankyou so much for my taggie xxx

Hocus Poke-Us FTU

A brand new tutorial using Persia's Pink Halloween Kit

You can try the tutorial here

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back again with another goodie for you all.. its a smaller tagger sized kit with another of Flitters wonderful posers, thhis time a fairy.. dont you just love the fae folk :) Here is the preview

and you can get it  Here

Friday, July 8, 2011

Steampunked Tutorial

Tutorial written using Persia's Lady Lorisah kit.
You can try the tutorial here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its been really cold here and I've got the snuffles again, hubby has a sore back from all the bending over in the bus fixing things.. so we decided to take a day off.. of course I got stuck into another kit this time something different, a cowboy one.. seeing as Wildbear from Coppermoon made the members cowboy posers with horses.. so here is the kit and its another tagger size for personal use only....
You can get it  Here

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flitters made me those wonderful posers for my steampunk kits in different shades of color so I decided to do a second kit to go with the green tint and this is the result... I'm not sure which one I prefer best but I hope you like it...... here is the preview...
again this is tagger sized and for personal use only...  you can get it   Here

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now while I've been sewing, hemming and sewing more... so far around 20 meters of material sits on my table!!! I have been playing with photoshop, making elements and gathering a few from shops around the net to put together a kit of my friend Flitters from Coppermoon I asked her if she could make me a few posers to go with it and she did... they are wonderful.. I have popped 2 in the kit but Flitters made alot more to go with this kit and they are on her site.. so if you want more you'll have to go visit and while you are there pop in a note to say hi... This is a rather big kit it has 2 posers, 24 papers and 116 elements so I have cut it into 2 downloads to make it easier to get... its another tagger size and for personal use only... here are the previews
You can get it   Here

You can get this one   Here

I hope you enjoy using this kit and remember you can add many more posers to it from Coppermoon

Been away

OK I know I've not been here for awhile... the reason being is the bus! yes.. we got ourselves a toyota coaster bus to travel around Australia for a year or so.. we're not going to set dates because they never get adhered to anyway, well, not in our family... but I can say that our trip will start early next year after our son and his family return home from New Zealand. To make it easier for thier move we suggested that they look after our home while we are away and that would give them an oppertunity to save up for a home of thier own. I cant wait to meet my grandsons!! wooohooo!!! Abel is 5 and Eddy will be alittle over a year old when we get to see him :) I am so excited!! We thought we'd have plenty of time to refit the bus out and renovate the house in readiness for them... well, they did say they would be here in May... now they tell us it will be in January... and seeing as December is such a busy month it does not give us alot of time... so I've been away from the net to work on both the home and the home on wheels.... I thought I would pop on a photo of the bus for you to look at :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Even tho I had my flu vaccination I still got sick! not as ill as my hubby got, he is still suffering from it.. poor honey... I suppose it heralds the onset of winter eh... it did not help meeting people with the flu.... we've been looking for a motor home or camper van cheap enough for us to buy and everyone we saw had flu ridden owners, seems its hit our area all at once! Between racing in and out of the house or resting in the bedroom I've put together a taggers kit... mind you its HUGE!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would put together one with some nice playful colors in a fairy theme.. I hope you enjoy making tags with this as much as I did putting it together... here is the preview...
You can get it  Here  or  Here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 2011

Well May is a very busy month for our family.. we had mothers day as all of us did but we also have many birthdays to celebrate, most of them are done now except for my eldest.. her's is on the 28th and the last one for the month. Hubby always threatens to go on holiday during May lol... it can get hectic!!! but he has to hang around as our annaversary falls in May too.... This month my doctor made a heap of appointments for me too.. so we've been running around with that too.. so May happens to be the busiest month of the year for us.
I have been trying my best to finnish a lovely fairy themed kit for you to use.... fingers crossed I get it done before we hit June eh!!!  Well... I best get back to it.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Here is a new scrapkit its called Iona after the posers from Wildbear.. he resides here  at Coppermoon if you want to go look at his other works, I have also included his TOU's with the kit, please follow them thanx :)
I thought I would try my hand at something called steampunk, altho I'm still not too sure what it is LOL just take a looksee and tell me what you think! Again its in tagger size, easy to put together your taggies... *grin*
I hope you like it and put it to use... here is the preview...
You can get it here or here

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Easter

I thought I would throw together a small kit for Easter seeing as I've left it till the last minute ... well, I got stuck into it with much enjoyment and before I knew it there were 90 elements!!!! roflol... hubby just looked at me and said... I think you got carried away again n laughed!! I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did playing with it, again its in taggers size with plenty of color and things to choose from... have a very good easter all... *grin*
You can get it here  or Here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I have finished the kit using the last of the wonderful posers Flitters made for me... I had so much fun making the buttons that I think I may have gotten carried away.. but I think you can use them.. I restrained myself on the frames.. one of these days I'm just going to keep going hehehehe I wonder how big the kit would get then!!!! Anyhoo... here is the preview for you to look at, its tagger sized ready for all you lovely people out there who love to make tags for themselves and others....

You can pick it up Here  or Here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am really enjoying making these kits for Flitters, her mermaids are so pretty... this is another scrapper sized kit called Lorna... Flitters TOUs are included as with the other.

You can pick her up Here  or Here
Have a nice day all *grin*

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now lets get down to the newest kit I'm sure thats what you've come here to see. A friend of mine, Flitters, has a wonderful site called coppermoon on yuku, there she and her husband have many beautiful tubes and vexels on offer for members of her site, she has allowed me to add her work into my kits. I had the urge to make a few kits with mermaids so Flitters made me some and I have tried to do them justice by forming a kit around them... her copyright is in the kit, if you decide to go to her site say hello and brighten up her day.
A special thankyou goes to Flitters, my friend.
Here is the preview, another taggers size kit for you to have fun with...

And of course, you can get the kit Here or Here


OK I am not very good at keeping a blog eh... not that I forget about you all here, its because I get so easily distracted all the time that I keep saying... I'll get around to it... by the time I forget about my distractions a whole month has gone by!!! Even Charlie has grown heaps!! I best put up some more photos of him for you to see..... another bird I've hand raised is beginning to talk!! she has learned many different calls, even sounds like the phone ringing and yet she is 4 months old.. even I am impressed!!!!! oh BTW she is a weiro or cockatiel that no one wanted to buy.... I tied to tell the people who looked at all the babies that she would be the best one to get, they just looked at her plain coloring and choose the brightest feathered ones... ahhh well.... Since I spoke to you last... our daughter announced that she is pregnant!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I'm gonna be a nanna again with number 7!!!!! wooohoooo!!! everyone is hoping for a girl so we can dress her up!! hehehehe besides we had a boy last time so a girl would be nice... then again.... boys are cute too roflol

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Valentines kit!

I've been glued to the tv watching tropical cyclone Yasi hoping that it would not cause too much damage or loss in Queensland and as I did so started fiddling around with another kit on my computer.. its finnished already!!! That should tell you how many hours I spent infront my tv set!!! The cyclone was an awful thing to see and my heart goes out to all involved over there, it also makes me thankful that I've never been in anything like that and that my family are all safe and sound.. the people of Queensland are going to need lots of help and support for many years to get over this.. and the floods... (sigh) so much just lately all around the world... mother nature is not happy!
OK here is a preview of the kit I've called Be my valentine of course its another tagger sized one...
hope you like it :)

You can get it Here or Here

Monday, January 31, 2011

Huge Kit!

Well for me it is a large kit, the biggest yet, I just had so much fun with it but knew I had to stop to get it to you before valentines... so here it it and I hope you like it, its tagger size once again with lot of goodies to play with.... not all shown in preview :)

Its for personal use and you can get it Here or Here

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hand raising

I have been amiss at not putting photos up of my new little bird...  Charlie. He/she is a very lucky lil one.. got heat stroke real bad and near died... I've been handraising Charlie for a few weeks now and have taken step by step photographs of 'him' as the feathers appear.. its about time I put them on here dont ya think.. I keep meaning to .. so here we go....
This is what Charlie looked like when we started... such an ugly bub only a mother could luv... yeah well.. I think they a georgeous!!! roflol

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost valentines already

I hope everyone had a really great xmas and new years.. I was busy with the family and forgot about my blog!!!! Hmmmm.... I did have a great time tho, it was good to be with the kids and thier families... all were there exept for my son and his family, they are over in New Zealand, so far away from us.
Here is a valentines scrapkit for you all, again in tagger size.... hope you enjoy it :)
You can get it Here or Here