Saturday, September 25, 2010

I searched all over for Australian stuff and then decided to get some photos and tube them myself... thats where I've been... pullin my hair out and going crossed eyed LOLOLOLOL A friend asked me if I was going to put together an Australian themed xmas kit and I thought that would be a brilliant idea...
so here it is, tagger sized again... *grin*.. I hope you enjoy it :)
You can get it Here or Here

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I dont know whats up with me today.. I have a temp and dont feel myself at all... I finnished off another halloween kit this afternoon as I did not feel up to going into the garden to do the weeding I was plannin on doing.... my brains not really into gear so I hope I got the colors right, hubby said it looked 'dark' .. I think he was expecting a nice bright one this time... I told him it was for halloween.. and some halloween things tend to be alittle dark....
anyway here it is, another tagger sized one for you...
and you can get it Here or Here

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a quiet day today... hubby went out and left me to it.. so I got stuck into another kit.. a friend of mine said she liked the asian themed one so.. here is another for you guys its another tagger sized kit, have fun with it *grin*
You can get it Here or Here

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I found myself in a really good mood after I got back from Anna's party so I got stuck into a kit.. thinking that halloween will be soon upon us I thought it a good idea to get one out there... its tagger sized again and I've named it simply BOO! LOL
You can get it Here or Here
We were out today at my daughters home watching the kids at Anna's birthday party.. she turned 3 on Wednesday.. of course I ran around taking photographs of them all.. I've just gotten home and threw this together with my EmmaMae kit... here is my sweet lil Anna *smile*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm really gald that we put a small garden in the other day and did'nt leave it, as its pouring with rain now... we've even had the odd thunder roll by too.. the plants we put in are getting lots of water and that should settle them right in :) I went shopping again for some CU and CU4CU items.. I cant seem to help myself.. the collection is getting bigger n bigger!!! Hubby will be hiding his credit card soon LOL... hehehehe... I may have to leave it alone for awhile.. these scrapkits are really enjoyable putting together and I am getting more and more confident in the making of things as well... as I was working in the garden watching out for all the creepy crawlies about, I got the idea to put this kit together... hope you all enjoy and remember it is in taggers size...
You can get it Here or Here

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My son and his partner Tia are expecting a baby in October and thats not too far away.. I am getting very excited about it. We know its a Boy and they have already choosen a name for him, Edward David, I would love to be there but they live in New Zealand and thats abit far for us to go... I'm expecting many photos tho *grin*.. anyway, I wanted to do something for Tia.. this scrapkit is a tagger sized one done in both pink and blue .. I think its pretty and hope that you do too...
Here it is and its called For Tia :)
You and get it Here or Here
Enjoy :)