Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm really gald that we put a small garden in the other day and did'nt leave it, as its pouring with rain now... we've even had the odd thunder roll by too.. the plants we put in are getting lots of water and that should settle them right in :) I went shopping again for some CU and CU4CU items.. I cant seem to help myself.. the collection is getting bigger n bigger!!! Hubby will be hiding his credit card soon LOL... hehehehe... I may have to leave it alone for awhile.. these scrapkits are really enjoyable putting together and I am getting more and more confident in the making of things as well... as I was working in the garden watching out for all the creepy crawlies about, I got the idea to put this kit together... hope you all enjoy and remember it is in taggers size...
You can get it Here or Here

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  1. OMG..osh awesome Persia
    TY for sharing this
    Hugs Coffee