Monday, March 21, 2011


OK I am not very good at keeping a blog eh... not that I forget about you all here, its because I get so easily distracted all the time that I keep saying... I'll get around to it... by the time I forget about my distractions a whole month has gone by!!! Even Charlie has grown heaps!! I best put up some more photos of him for you to see..... another bird I've hand raised is beginning to talk!! she has learned many different calls, even sounds like the phone ringing and yet she is 4 months old.. even I am impressed!!!!! oh BTW she is a weiro or cockatiel that no one wanted to buy.... I tied to tell the people who looked at all the babies that she would be the best one to get, they just looked at her plain coloring and choose the brightest feathered ones... ahhh well.... Since I spoke to you last... our daughter announced that she is pregnant!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I'm gonna be a nanna again with number 7!!!!! wooohoooo!!! everyone is hoping for a girl so we can dress her up!! hehehehe besides we had a boy last time so a girl would be nice... then again.... boys are cute too roflol

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