Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Valentines kit!

I've been glued to the tv watching tropical cyclone Yasi hoping that it would not cause too much damage or loss in Queensland and as I did so started fiddling around with another kit on my computer.. its finnished already!!! That should tell you how many hours I spent infront my tv set!!! The cyclone was an awful thing to see and my heart goes out to all involved over there, it also makes me thankful that I've never been in anything like that and that my family are all safe and sound.. the people of Queensland are going to need lots of help and support for many years to get over this.. and the floods... (sigh) so much just lately all around the world... mother nature is not happy!
OK here is a preview of the kit I've called Be my valentine of course its another tagger sized one...
hope you like it :)

You can get it Here or Here

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  1. Thank you for the Iona kit It is lovely Love the blog to See you again soon Hugs Sue