Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now while I've been sewing, hemming and sewing more... so far around 20 meters of material sits on my table!!! I have been playing with photoshop, making elements and gathering a few from shops around the net to put together a kit of my friend Flitters from Coppermoon I asked her if she could make me a few posers to go with it and she did... they are wonderful.. I have popped 2 in the kit but Flitters made alot more to go with this kit and they are on her site.. so if you want more you'll have to go visit and while you are there pop in a note to say hi... This is a rather big kit it has 2 posers, 24 papers and 116 elements so I have cut it into 2 downloads to make it easier to get... its another tagger size and for personal use only... here are the previews
You can get it   Here

You can get this one   Here

I hope you enjoy using this kit and remember you can add many more posers to it from Coppermoon

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