Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Been away

OK I know I've not been here for awhile... the reason being is the bus! yes.. we got ourselves a toyota coaster bus to travel around Australia for a year or so.. we're not going to set dates because they never get adhered to anyway, well, not in our family... but I can say that our trip will start early next year after our son and his family return home from New Zealand. To make it easier for thier move we suggested that they look after our home while we are away and that would give them an oppertunity to save up for a home of thier own. I cant wait to meet my grandsons!! wooohooo!!! Abel is 5 and Eddy will be alittle over a year old when we get to see him :) I am so excited!! We thought we'd have plenty of time to refit the bus out and renovate the house in readiness for them... well, they did say they would be here in May... now they tell us it will be in January... and seeing as December is such a busy month it does not give us alot of time... so I've been away from the net to work on both the home and the home on wheels.... I thought I would pop on a photo of the bus for you to look at :)

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