Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, I bet you wondered where I went.... My son and his family came out from New Zealand and moved in with us, YEAH!!!! Needless to say we've been flat out finishing the house, showing them parts of our town and tending to many many visitors :) We've had tons of bar-b-q's at each other homes and have got to know Tia and the kids really well... I must say that my son has brought home a beautiful young lady who fits onto our lives wonderfully. I'm truly going to miss them all when we finally go on our trip around Australia, which is about to start... today we're putting the last of our goodies into the bus!!!
While we've been getting to know our newest part of the family my computer did a no-no and the hard drive with all my programs on died :( taking with it all my graphic proggies I use to make my kits and tags and I dare not ask my poor hubby to fix for me as he's been so busy with so many other chores, this will be sorted out on the first leg of our journey *grin* and I shall be back in action making you all goodies as well as uploading photos of the trip :) I hope you'll enjoying seeing them. Well, that's it for now as I must get on with my last load of washing before packing the last of my clothes...
Oh I thought you might like to see most of my family, they threw us a 'going away' bar-b-q.. here they are,

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